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Chandika Homam

Approximate Cost
4 hours
No.Of Priests
Chandika Homam is one of the most important homams and considered to be panacea for all ills. Thousands of Chandika Homams are performed annually at Kollur. This homam is intended to propitiate Adi Parashakti. Adi Parashakthi is the amalgamation of all divine powers. So a ritual devoted to her is enough to attenuate all deities. Goddess Durga is worshipped in nine forms each having its own functions and purpose. Performing Chandika Homa is the best way of venerating all nine forms of Durga.Chandika Homa is performed by reciting Durga Saptashathi hymns.
These hymns (mantras) are 700 in number and are considered to be very potent in accomplishing the wishes of the devotee. These hymns are devoted to Maha Laxmi, Maha Saraswathi and Durga. Devotees perform Chandika Homa as preventive as well as curative or remedial measure. This is also performed to express gratefulness to Mother Goddess. The benefits of performing Chandika Homa are as follows.
1. Achieving success in all endeavours: examination, election, job recruitment, legal disputes etc.
2. Success in business ventures and professions and to overcome problems in business.
3. Attainment of health and longevity, curing physical disabilities, severe inflictions and mental disorders.
4 Begetting progeny (children) and also preventing deformities and pregnancy related problems.
5. Accomplishment in performing arts.
6. To ward off malevolent planetary influences and ill effects of sorcery and witchcraft.
7. To resolve Jathaka Dosha and Vastu Dosha.
Achieving success
Success in business ventures
Begetting progeny
To resolve Jathaka Dosha
Attainment of health and longevity
Objectives mentioned above are suggestive and not comprehensive. For details see explanation in Homam list.
Duration mentioned above are also indicative and in many cases include time for preliminary preperations.
Cost of Homams given are only approximate and may vary with commodities rates. Aspirants for Homams should contact us to know the exact Cost prevailing at that time.