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As per Hindu religious practices, homam is a sacred ritual performed according to the tenets of Holy Scriptures to invoke the blessings of a particular deity with certain objectives. It is believed that Agni (God of fire) carries the dravya (offerings into the fire) to the concerned deity and makes grant the wishes of the devotees. It involves japam (chanting mantras) and kriyas (deeds). There are umpteen homams for various deities with various objectives. Some of the important homams commonly performed to achieve success in Business And Wealth are mentioned below.
Saraswathi, one among the feminine trinity is the presiding deity of knowledge, education and arts. She is considered to be a very benevolent to those who honestly pursue her in devotion.                                                                          more...

According to scriptures, worthy progeny is considered as a form of wealth. It is more so in modern times. Santhana Gopala Homam is intended to propitiate Lord Maha Vishnu to bless the devotee with admirable progeny.              more...