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Navagraha Homam

Approximate Cost
3 hours
No.Of Priests
It is believed that nine planets have immense influence on all events of the world. Certain upheavals in life of human beings are attributed to the effect of Grahas (Planets), and their position at that juncture. To overcome the turbulence of time these Grahas must be appeased by performing the Graha shanti pooja. Nava graha homa is performed to appease all these planets. All tribulations (Dosham) in the horoscope are removed by performing Navagraha Homa. This homam is also performed as a defensive measure to obtain the blessings of all planets.
   When the Jathaka or Janma Patri (Horoscope) indicates the ill effects of any particular planet or planets, homams can be performed to appease the deity of that particular planet. An experienced astrologer can find out the planet that has bearing on the fortunes of a person and then prescribe appropriate homam for that particular Graha. Some of those homams recommended in ancient scriptures to appease the evil planets and to avert the ill effects caused due to the convergence of planets are given below.
Prevent Obstacles
Objectives mentioned above are suggestive and not comprehensive. For details see explanation in Homam list.
Duration mentioned above are also indicative and in many cases include time for preliminary preperations.
Cost of Homams given are only approximate and may vary with commodities rates. Aspirants for Homams should contact us to know the exact Cost prevailing at that time.