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The existence of a super natural power that controls all goings-on in the universe is a belief that exists from time immemorial in all geographical areas ,in all tribes , religions, sects, castes and creeds. The name and mode of worship of that unknown power varies but the basic notion or concept of the God is same. In Hinduism the faithful worship God in many forms but it rely on one God. "UPASAKANAAM KARYARTHAM BRAHMANO ROOPA KALPANA" is the principle behind it.

Ancient saints (Rshis)had prescribed many rituals like japa, pooja,parayana, homa etc for the spiritual as well as physical wellbeing of the mankind. Hindu scriptures contain hundreds of such rituals. Our ancestors have been doing these rituals for thousands of years and these rituals like homam, pooja etc are relevant even in this space age because these have fair degree of certainty in giving positive results and many have benefitted from it.

Many people who seek divine blessings for success in their endeavours or celestial intervention to end or forestall difficulties intend to perform pooja, homam etc but are ignorant about the types of ritual they need to do or who would do it strictly in accordance with the tenets of holy scriptures. ......................................................... seeks to solve this predicament by giving brief description of common homams and poojas with it's main objectives. We have also enlisted a panel of eminent Purohits (Priests) who are scholars in Vedic doctrines and well versed in Aagama rituals to perform these homams and poojas . These Purohits are from traditional Brahmin families who have been in priesthood at the legendary MOOKAMBIKA TEMPLE of KOLLUR. This ensures authenticity of the ritual.

The list of Homams and Poojas and it's objectives given herein are not exhaustive. There are many other potent Homam that the aspirants can perform to fulfil various objective. Many of the Homams can be performed on different scale or magnitude. The uninformed can consult the Purohits on our panel free of cost to elicit more information about pooja and homam.

Though the homam can be performed at any serene and virtuous place, the effect is more pronounced when it is done at a sacred place. These places have the natural positive phenomena and that is why people go to holy places to perform religious rituals. KOLLUR the abode MOOKAMBIKA is an unmatched sacred place where we arrange to perform the homams. Kollur Mookambika Temple has been described as a world renowned "SIDDHI KSHETRA" meaning seat of mystic power, in ancient holy scriptures and as such is a very ideal location for spiritual rituals.