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Mookambika Infoline is an organisation, established with the objective of providing all possible services to the pilgrims visiting the renowned Sri Mookambika shrine at Kollur. As in the case of many legendary temples, Mookambika Temple is situated in a remote place, at the foot of Western Ghats in Karnataka. Most of the pilgrims visiting Mookambika temple are from distant places like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Andhra etc and so it is imperative for them to seek assistance and guidance on various aspects of Mookambika pilgrimage before they embark on journey to Kollur. We are a one stop source for all services that a devotee may need to facilitate hassle free pilgrimage and also for all information on Mookambika Temple. Be it a simple query on dress code at the temple or a question on details of an intricate ritual we strive to provide our clients with the most accurate information.

Our portfolio of services include room booking, taxi hiring and arranging Homam and Pooja.etc. We have our own guest houses to accommodate the pilgrims. When our guest houses are full, we try to find accommodation in other lodges on behalf of our clients.

One important aspect to be noted is that influx of pilgrims to Kollur Mookambika is seasonal. On some occasions especially during holidays people throng this place in thousands and many of the lodges use this opportunity to make a fast buck by hiking their rate to exorbitant levels. Only few lodges have fixed rate regime. We have put in place a system by which you can ensure an accommodation at Kollur at a reasonable cost.

Kollur being situated away from important towns many pilgrims seek taxis to reach Kollur from airport, railway station etc. Some pilgrims need to add other nearby important places in travel itinerary and visit these places in available time. We can assist you to plan your journey in such way that you can visit maximum number of places in available time at minimum cost. While arranging taxi, we give overriding importance to the disposition of the driver being sent, than anything else so that our clients should have pleasurable journey without any stress.

Though the homam can be performed at any serene and virtuous place, the effect is more pronounced when it is done at a sacred place. These places have the natural positive phenomena and that is why people go to holy places to perform religious rituals. KOLLUR the abode MOOKAMBIKA is an unmatched sacred place where we arrange to perform the homams. Kollur Mookambika Temple has been described as a world renowned "SIDDHI KSHETRA" meaning seat of mystic power, in ancient holy scriptures and as such is a very ideal location for spiritual rituals.

N.B:- Kollur Mookambika Temple is a place to placate your soul and there is nothing here to pamper the palates. There are no luxury hotels or resorts here. If you are looking for fun and frolic, comfort and luxury, Kollur is not the place for you. Those who consider themselves as blessed to walk on this land vibrant with divinity are welcome here.