Kollur Mukambika | Kollur Sri Mookambika | Kollur Mookambika Devi


1. Where is Mookambika Temple?
Mookambika Temple is situated at Kollur village of Kundapura Taluk in Udupi District of Karnataka.
2. Which is the major city near Kollur?
Mangalore (Mangalapuram) at a distance of 140 km is the major city nearest to Kollur.
3. Which is the nearest railway station to Kollur?
Mookambika Road or Byndoor (code-BYR) is the nearest railway station. Kundapura, Bhatkal, Udupi and Mangalore are other stations in increasing order of distance.
4. Is there any custom to be followed to visit Mookambika Temple?
No, Pilgrimage to Mookambika is a simple affair with only two prerequisites namely, devotion and cleanliness.
5. What dress can I wear to visit Mookambika Temple?
Mookambika Temple does not permit entry y into the temple in Shorts, Bermudas, lungis (printed dhoti) and with hats. Male devotees cannot enter sanctum with shirts on. Pants, Churidar and other dresses are permissible.
6. What is the timing for Darshan?
Generally devotees can have darshan from 5 am ad 1pm and from 3pm to 9-00pm. No fixed time for closure.
7. How much will it cost to have Darshan of Mookambika?
Absolutely nothing. Darshan of Mookambika is free. You need pay only for the seva which is not obligatory.
8. What facilities are there at Kollur for pilgrims?
There are many guests' houses and lodges offering decent accommodation. Pilgrims are given meals at the temple between 12 noon and 2 pm and also between 8 pm and 10 pm. Temple does not provide free lodging.
9. I want to know about Vidyarambham?
Mookambika Temple is very famous for Vidyarambham (Ceremonial Initiation into formal education). It is performed between 6 am and 12 noons throughout the year. On Vijaya Dashami day of Navarathri Vidyarambham starts at 4am. Take a token by paying a fixed fee at the temple office and go to Saraswathi Mantapam in side temple. Priests will have all the material required for the ritual. After ceremony paying Guru Dakshina to priest is a traditional practice. There is no bar as to age, sex, caste, creed or religion for performing Vidyarambham.
10. To whom shall I send my contributions and donations?
Please, send your contributions and donations only to The Executive Officer, Sri Mookambika Temple and see that it is properly acknowledged.
11. Is it true that visiting Kutachadri is must for accomplishment of Mookambika pilgrimage?
Not true. Before the advent of jeeps to carry pilgrims to Kutachadri only a minuscule number of people visited Kutachadri by trekking. In those days also without going to Kutachadri the pilgrims had the gratification and fulfilment from Mookambika pilgrimage. Even today, pilgrims except from some parts of Kerala do not consider visit to Kutachadri as obligatory.
12. Is it true that Mookambika is worshipped as Saraswathi in the morning, Lakshmi at noon and Kali at night?
Not true. Sri Mookambika is the unified form of Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Kali and worshipped as such.
13. What is "Kashaya Theertham"? When and where shall I get it?
Kashaya Theertham is a special concoction of medicinal stuffs given to devotees from Mookambika Temple. This Kashayam is believed to have high therapeutic properties. It is given only at the end of night session of pooja.
14. What are the services you provide to the pilgrims?
Our endeavour is to provide maximum possible service to the pilgrims visiting Kollur. Serving Her devotees is our service to Sri Mookambika. We help you to book accommodation at Kollur, arrange taxis for your travel, give guidance on your travel plan, assist you perform Homams and Poojas etc. If you want add amusement to the itinerary after pilgrimage we have ideal location for your indulgence.