kollur moogambigai temple - mookambika devi temple - kolluru mookambika
         Mother Goddess is benevolent to all Her true devotees. It is only devotion and faith that would make the offerings fruitful. Cost, quantum and frequency of the offerings are immaterial for it's fruition. Some of the poojas intended for particular purposes are mentioned below.

        Mookambika is considered to be the presiding deity of all fine arts. She is said to be the Goddess of knowledge. Propitiating Her will be helpful for progress in education. Mahatrimadhura is the the main offering to achieve this end. It is believed that consuming Mahathrimadhura for 41 days would make one intelligent and studious. One fortnight's meditation at Mookambika Temple would be helpful to cultivate concentration and confidence. Alankara Pooja, Pushparathotsava,Pushpanjali and Payasa Nivedya are other offerings meant for progress in education.

        Mookambika is considered to possess the powers of Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth. Friday pooja, Chandika Homa, Sahasranama Kumkumarchana, Sarvalankara pooja and maha pooja are offerings intended for Her blessings to a earn wealth.

        Mahathrimadhura, Nithya nivedya, vidhi, harivana nivedya, Parivarayuktha Panchapooja, pushpa rathotsava and Chandika Homa are offerings meant for curing ailments.

Elimination of Enemies:
        Shatha Rudrabhisheka, Friday pooja, and Chandika Homa are poojas to subjugate enemies. Shaktheya Pooja at Kutachadri and at Marikamba temple is specially meant for this purpose.

        Vidhi, Maha pooja, Chandika homa and Thulabhara seva are the offerings meant for begetting children.

        Ghee deepa, thrimadhura, nanda deepa, payasa nivedya, sarvalankara pooja, thulabhara and Chandika homa are the offering prescribed for early marriage. Gifting of sarees and mangala sutra thali to the Goddess are very beneficial offerings for this purpose.

        Ganapathi homa, Vidhi, Friday pooja and Chandika Homa are the offerings to over come obstacles.

Chandika Homa:
        It is an important offering(seva) to Goddess Mookambika. It is performed for propitiating Goddess to fulfill all wishes. Chandika Homas are performed between 7 AM and 12 noon only. Number of homas that can be performed a day are limited. So it has to be booked in advance and sometimes one will have to wait for 2 years to get his turn.

Pushpa Rathotsavam:
        It is an important offering (seva) at Mookambika Temple. It can be performed for all purposes. Offering Sarees and Gold thali too are considered very fruitful to seek Mookambika's blessings. Ghee Lamp Seva (Nei Vilakku) is also considered a very important offering to Mookambika.